Band:Arvas Genre: Black/Extreme Metal Release date: 01.11.2019 Label: Satanic Art Media Tracks: Andante NoireThoughts in DespairWastelandsPerception and VisionsCursed by the TridentCarvenMy DevilThe Horned OneTimes GoneMasked Jackal (Coroner cover)

Fragments Of Consciousness

Band: Alter Idem Genre: Deathcore Release date: 01.08.2020 Label: Realityfade Records Tracks: Paradoxical DesignFragments of ConsciousnessNeural AdaptationAnd Unravel… Review of album

In Hiding

Band: Celaris Genre: Progressive Metal Release date: 16.10.2020 Label: Self-release Tracks: A Manifold in ParallelReprieve, ReleaseRegenerateThe Torus SeparationHemostasisHasturEscharotic Celaris was featured on The Jarl Show 19.11.20. Check it out...


Band: Rageful Genre: Death metal Release date: 18.09.2020 Label: Self-release Tracks: Inhuman GreedFeed the PigsSlavery WaysWhispering RageUnsocial NetworkClouds of FearThe Rage Is ComingL.C.T.SMembership to Self-ExistencePortugal the Torch Read the review...


Band: Blind Divide Genre: Progressive thrash Metal Release date: 07.02.2021 Label: Self-release Tracks: NimisDefiancePride Read the review of this Ep here. Produced at Stella StudiosAdditional Keys - James Letson

Scorched Promised Land

Band: Dies Holocaustum Genre: Death/thrash Metal Release date: 10.02.2020 Label: Self-release Tracks: Death Rides ShroudedThe Corpses StoreGlories of HellMacabre RebirthFuneral DawnBurial GroundLet Them Hang and RotTerms of the CovenThey...

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