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We would love to do a review of your album. For us to do so you need to read this first:

  • Fill out all the fields in the form below. Albums reviewed will also be added to our discography-list. We do not review singles.
  • Link to your album: Keep in mind that we don’t subscribe to all the streamingservices out there, so if you want us to review your album you need to provide a link that is cost free. (We do use Spotify though)
  • If your album has not been released yet you need to let us know, so we don’t release a review prematurely. In this case you can either send us a link to where the album can be heard or send it to us via filemail, wetransfer or similar sevices (we won’t share it). keep in mind these services usually only keep these active for 7 days before the links are deleted. We might not get to it in time, but we’ll do our best. For filetransfer-services use post[at]thejarl[dot]com
  • Don’t ask us to review an album you released a long time ago, but make sure that it is current. For example, album released two years ago will probably not be reviewes.
  • Album Info: Include information about where the album was recorded, who tributed to the album and the recording.
  • If your album doesn’t fit the label ‘Hard-Rock’ or ‘Metal’ then there are no point in sending it. It will only be a waist of your time.
  • Once reviewed and posted, it stays there. We always give you our honest opinion, but remember, it’s just one opinion! If the review is not to your satisfaction, we don’t appoligize for that. It’s not the end of the world. We don’t compromise our integrity for your satisfaction.
    And have we first spent a couple of hours listening to your album, and written a review of it, then we don’t waste our reviewrs time by removing the work afterwards based on the fact that you weren’t happy with the result. Be confident in your work or don’t send it to us
  • If you want to send us a physical album, and we really do hope you will since we love those, the adress is posted below the form.

    Submitting a physical album

    • To submit physical album, be sure to pack the album well. We recommend using cardboard if you are sending a jewel case or digipack. Jewelcase’s tend to get broken in transport. It happens 9 out of 10 times where cardboard is not used.
    • We don’t return the submitted albums. We don’t have the time or the money to do so. We apologize for that up front.
    • Make sure to include information about the album-recording. If you send us an email about it, it’s not certain we manage to connect that with the album you sent.

    Adress for sending physical albums:

    The Jarl Webzine
    Postboks 4554 Grim
    N-4673 Kristiansand S.