Review: Rageful – Ineptitude

Rageful is a death detal band from Lisbon (Portugal), forged in 2011, under the name “Wall Of Death”. They change their name to Rageful in 2016.

The band had 3 releases as “Wall Of Death” before they changed their name to ‘Rageful’, and two after the namechange. The band released their debut album “Ineptitude” on September 18th 2020. Their first first release was the single “Feed the pigs” (2019) which is includedas the second track on this release.

Ineptitude is a strong death metal album, consisting of 10 tracks at 33 min. So it’s not the longest album I’ve come across. The shortest track “Feed the Pigs” is only 2:55, whil the longest “Membership to Self-Existence” is 4:07.

The lyrics is social and political motivated, building around the selfishness and corruption in mankind. With this album they are simply settling with humanity and urging not to stand on the sidelines, but to settle with themselves.

The more you want to take
The more you want to need
The more you want to strive
The more you going to bleed

And I ask myself why are we like this?
And I ask myself why are we like this?


The messages in the lyrics on this album is pretty clear. It’s a call to arms against neglect and ignorance. Against greed and selfishness… and much more.

“Ineptitude” starts of with the track “Human Greed” which works great as a starter-track. It sets the tone for the album and what you have in store.

 I’m getting some clear Immolation vibes from this album, and perhaps a bit of Cannibal Corps.

 “INEPTITUDE” is the name that has been chosen to sum up in one word the whole lyric concept of the album. Parallelism is made with our current society, full of interests and corruption, in which, most of the time, we choose to be selfish and inept

It’s not the longest album, and it’s a pretty straight forward death metal album. Easy to listen to and good production. They stick to their agenda thrue the lyrics, all the way. All in all a job well done. It might have scored a bit higher with a bit more divercity, but still a god number on this.

Rageful – Ineptitude


Inhuman Greed
Feed the Pigs
Slavery Ways
Whispering Rage
Unsocial Network
Clouds of Fear
The Rage Is Coming
Membership to Self-Existence
Portugal the Torch


If you're into bands like Deicide, Cannibal Corpse and Immolation this is this album is worth lending an ear or two.

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