Review: Blind Divide- “Nimis”

Blind Divide is a thrash/progressive-metal band, residing in Cardiff, UK.

The band released t a self-titled 4 track ep in 2017, and are now out with another ep called “Nimis”.  The 3-track ep was released February 7th -21.

“Nimis” is a fine mix of thrash and progressive metal, which is very ease to hear. And you can also hear that they’ve grown a bit since their debut-ep was released back in 2017. Mostly soundwise, since the 2017 ep isn’t bad either. But the sound on “Nimis” is a couple of notches above the debut ep.

The first track, “Nimis”, is great choice as opening track. It shows what you can expect from the rest of this EP and also shows what kind of music the band stands for. Though there are parts where I wish the vocals would hold out a little longer there are other parts where it does. Also, the use of double vocals around 1:40 works really well for this track. More of this in the future please.

The second track “Defiance” is a bit slower in tempo then the first track, and starts of a bit more progressive. But with a clear thrashy base driving the song forward. The song is also pretty straight forward, without too many tempo shifts. Only exeption is at 2.50 when the song speeds up for a short, but well made, guitarsolo.

The third track “Pride” is more upbeat then the second track, and more like the first track. It’s also more progressive then the previous two tracks.

This is mostly a thrash EP, but with a nice incorporation of progressive elements, which works very well. Releasing a three-track Ep might be a bit risky though, promotion wise, seeing as not many wants to review singles or small Ep’s. But i found this one to be very promising first time I listened to it, and also remember having heard Blind Divide’s debut Ep some years back, so I just had to.

 It’s fairly easy to hear elements from band like Lamb Of God, Gojira & The Haunted. It’s a small Ep, but definitely an Ep worth incorporating into you daily playlist.
My favorite on this Ep: “Pride”.

Blind Divide – Nimis

It is a bit too short, which make it more difficult to put a definitive number on this EP. Even so, the three tracks fit each other and the Ep doesn’t waiver from the progressive thrash style. So by taking the Ep apart and looking at each track, which we sometimes do, we managed to came up with a number I think is fitting for this second Ep from Blind Divide.




The band is moving in the right direction, and this Ep is definitely worth incorporating into your daily playlist. This should have been one or two track longer though.

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