Snøstorm releases debutalbum

The newly arisen black-metal band ‘Snøstorm’ has just released their 7-track debutalbum called ‘Tales of the End’.

The Bulgarian/Norwegian band signed with the Norwegian metal-label Whispering Voice Records earlier this year, for the release of their debutalbum ‘Tales of the end’ which was released April 29th.

The 7-track album features the track ‘Slava Ukraine’, a track which lyrics consist of both english, Norwegian and Ukrainian language, and we’re told there will be a lyric/musicvideo coming out in the near furure.


Ukraine glory to you!
Ukraina slava za teb!
Ukraina ære til deg!
Heroyi slava vam!

Verse from the track ‘Slava Ukraine’, by Snøstorm

There is also a kind of viking-vibe over the album, especially when reading the lyrics to ‘Tidløs og formløs’ (Timeless and shapeless i.e.) og Avskum (Scum i.e.), but also when listening to the tracks they give out the viking-vibe. So one might say that this albums has a crossover between black- and vikingmetal.

A review of the album is pending, so stay tuned.

Album tracklist:

  1. “Slava Ukraine”
  2. “Avskum”
  3. “Destined to Fail”
  4. “Endlessly Soaring”
  5. “Throne of Seeing”
  6. “Tidløs og Formløs”
  7. “Purification By Annihilation”

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