Review: Alter Idem – Fragments Of Consciousness

Alter Idem is a death metal band from Australia that saw its first daylight in 2014

Late 2019, the band started the recording process of their first EP “Before It Awakes” as well as starting to perform live in Sweden and other nearby towns. Then Covid -19 hit, like for the most of us put a temporary stop to the live performances. So the band stared to focus on completing the EP, which was independently released digitally September 18th, 2020.

The band characterise themselves as death metal, and if you’re into bands like Amon Amarth, Unleashed, Entombed or Dismember, this might be music you should give a try.

In my opinion I think this Ep, “Fragments Of Consciousness”, has a better sound then the previous released that the band made as “Splatterpuss”

Fragments of Consciousness was review live on The Jarl Show 19.11.20 as well. You can find that under the ‘entertainment-section of this webxine.

The EP consists of 4 well put together tracks. The sound is hard, brutal and well produced, as it should be with this kind of music, and the vocals plays a great part in this production, as you can clearly hear when you listen to fer example “And Unravel”.

It’s a perfect fitting end to this EP, and makes it my favourite track on it.

If I were to put my finger on something it might be the sound of the bass-drums that could have been turned up just ONE nudge, but it doesn’t affect the sound much. Listening on the EP with headphones made the bass come out a bit clearer, so it always depends on what you’re playing your music on.

The bass on this track is really sharp and works very well.

An EP is usually harder to put a number on, since it’s less tracks to go on, but this EP is well done and never waiver from its true form. I had to switch over to headphones to get the details better, and when I did, I got a little wowed. So I would rate this an 8/10.



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