Review: Celaris – “In Hiding”

Celaris is a fairly new band, hailing from North Carolina in the US.

The band was forged in 2018, by the duo of Rachel and Joshua. They later picked up Dan, Chris, and Jon, completing the band and making it a 5-piece band. They consider themselves a progressive metal-band with Influenced by groups like Veil of Maya, Periphery, ERRA, The Contortionist, and TesseracT. So this band hasn’t gotten much air under their wings yet. But they’re out with their debut album, “In hiding”, which is a mini-album.

 Before “In Hiding” came out the band released two singles. “The Torus Separation” and “A Manifold in Parallel”. Both a part of their debut-release.

 The album came out October 16th 2020, and was self-released.

Now, when I first listened to this album, I couldn’t wrap my head around how good the sound on this debut album was. Then I had a closer look at the production, and it made everything so clear. The mini-album is produced by none other than the legendary Jamie King.

 The mini-album consists of 7 tracks, baring a little less then 40 minutes. The music is easy to listen to, and soundwise just a delight.

 The first track that really hit me is the second track on this mini-album. Also happens to be the song we played just now. It’s called “Reprieve, release”. It really shows the depth of these musicians.

 Also sticking out is track number 4, “The Tours Separation”, which also happenes to be one of the two single released prior to the album.

 Listening to the album and each track, you get an impression of both skilled and schooled musician. The last track, “Escharotic” makes that clear.

 I’m getting a distinct Dream Theatre vibe from this miniature album, and also some Opeth vibes, so if you’re in to those kind of band, or that type of music, you need to spare a moment for this one. One can clearly hear the work that has been put into this abum. It’s a great production, great musicians and it’s progressive all the way.

This review was also featured on The Jarl Show 19.11.20, and you can check that out here.

Celaris – In Hiding




An album definitely worth giving some time and attention, if your into bands like Dream Theatre. To give this a lower rating then 8 would be to do this mini-album unjustice.

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